Welcome to Agazi School Alumni Association Addis Ababa branch

Agazi Alumni Association, is a membership association of former students of  the Agazi School in Adigrat, Tigray-Ethiopia. It was founded, informally in 1963 by few concerned ex-students of the schools and became legally operational in 1964 Eth. C in accordance with the Ethiopian civil code, article 404.

Addis Ababa chapter of the Association is operating with the objective of participating in and support the enhancement of the technical and institutional capacity of Agazi and the surrounding schools in such a way that it makes its required contribution to the local, regional and national efforts striving to create and develop a better environment through ever- improving the teaching learning process.

As a result, the Association could galvanize the support of a growing number of new members residing in Addis Ababa, who were committing their resources and knowledge for improving the standard of the schoolMembers and associates involvement and participation is crucial in shaping and developing Agazi Alumni as this will make a profound difference and a lifetime opportunity to present and future students of Agazi School. Your contribution to Agazi School will be immense and will also change many lives and ensure that future generations can enjoy a positive learning and teaching environment in the school.The Association can’t solve all the problems our Agazi School faces but our support will help eliminate some of the challenges the school encounters.

Our Agazi School needs us all and your support to the development of Agazi School is greater than ever and you can help according to your means financially and/or by giving your time and effort.

Thank you for your willingness to devote your valuable time in supporting the efforts of Agazi School Alumni Association

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