The ASAA-AA annual meeting will take place on Nehase 3, 2007 E.C at Axum Hotel meeting hall. The meeting will start at 9:30 a.m.and will continue until 2:00 p.m. All agazian members and supporters are encouraged to come to this very important event.

If you have any questions regarding the meeting, please call:

– Daniel:          0911 244062

– Tadesse:       0911511684

– Alganesh:      0911199367

Have a nice time

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  3. may26 dla vrdad todo hay que degrselo a dios que es el que se encrga de todo busquen ms bien de el por que con todo lo que est pasando bueno yo tengo miedo con la 2 venida de dios y no es vrdad no va sr el bueno si vamos a estr con el pero si creemos en el y si buscamos de el los que no se iran para el infierno buscan de el por que luego se van a repentr el que viene es el porpio diabl haciendose pasr por el todo poderoso dios dios lo cuiden

  4. Well… real good memories… c’est vraiment très difficile d’écrire quelque chose sous ce billet…Salut Bob & immense merci pour tout ce que tu as fait pour le livre.

  5. Kako, este pulpo dice comeme, pero el tikka masala no le gusto a mi gente, asi que yo no puedo hacerlo aqui, pero me gusta como te quedo,Hice el pan de molde y me quedo estupendo, ya lo editare, un besito

  6. I am fairly sure Darren does remember and it’s been discussed countless times. Normalized eps last year was 12.80, which according to my math is still almost 40% growth.

  7. Sinceramente somos penosos, lo de este país es de traca, aquí el que no llora no mama y siempre lloran los que más tienen y los que tiene agarrada la sartén por el mango y se hacen millonarios con “canones” digitales y demás zarandajas… es increible, lo juro que es increible…que pena que seamos un país de borregos y siempre traguemos con todo y permitamos todo este tipo de tropelías.Si sirve de algo, mucho ánimo y a seguir como hasta ahora

  8. This looks delicious. If anyone can work around not having an oven, it is YOU!!! I hope you have a toaster oven like mine, it is big and will hold a whole pizza or six pieces of toast, you can even bake a chicken in it.

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  10. What I don’t get about all of it is…..why do people go out of their way to make this type of conversation or to say how nuts you are? It’s fine to have a different perspective, but why the condescension? In most of these conversations that I have, there is literally no reason for us to even make small talk, much less discuss family planning! Thankfully we’ve had more positive experiences here in Denver than we did in Santa Maria. So that’s nice.I have four kids. And I want more. And we don’t prevent pregnancy. And in the fabulous, wise words of Jeannett, “so there.” 🙂

  11. Ihr seht alle so toll aus und das Motto finde ich richtig gut gewählt. Laut der Fotos war es ein wunderschöner Geburtstag! Glückwunsch nachträglich!

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  15. It will get better – I PROMISE. Once you stop feeling like a dairy cow and always smelling slightly of diapers. Once you no longer have to check your outfit for hand prints. Once you stop being a walking kleenex. Once you can DITCH THE STROLLER FOR GOOD . . . You will feel sexy and attractive again. I swear.

  16. My break away from online interaction a year ago was great for me on so many levels. Enjoy the outdoors, the freedom, and the flow! You will find a wonderful and rich perspective that only such distancing can provide. Give yourself some time to decompress. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s so relaxing!.-= Lori Hoeck´s last blog .. =-.

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  19. You are beautiful in every way! I know that you are in love with Goa and that you will write about your adventures upon your return. Lucky for us! I'm learning about India because of you and your travels.

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  23. skyangel / what the heaven!!! David!!! I am getting goosebumps just thinking about you singing these songs!!! ANGEL! BEAUTIFUL! BSTMS! Somewhere only we know! Broken! In the Name of LOVE!!! WAY COOL!!

  24. Olá Claudete,Elizabeth Maria Regia escreveu: “Claudete, o que está acontecendo nesta cidade está me deixando de cabelos em pé. Perdemos a estrutura, está tudo uma esculhambação total. Sem médicos, sem pessoas em quem acreditar, uma lástima. É preciso uma intervenção na Prefeitura, não acha? O que poderia ser feito, talvez um impeachment da prefeita atual, uma intervenção para análise contábil e recuperação imediata da Saúde? Precisamos fazer alguma coisa, estou muito preocupada com os rumos dessa administração gananciosa e desvairada.Bjs”

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  27. Wow that’s crazy – kids will try anything won’t they! With regards to sourcing a ‘mother’ it’s usually a word of mouth thing. But there are bound to be natural health websites that sell Kombucha cultures. Where do you live?

  28. my brain doesn’t process recipes’ too well but that’s what i have my husband for (i do better watching videos)– this is a great thing! i have done the slow cooking with meat when i ate it and cooking beans but mostly since i became a herbivore i only use it for beans. good to know there’s so much more i could be using it for!

  29. I agree with you too, Dana. I was Team Lucas for a long time but now I dusted the dirt from my eyes and see the truth. I think it’s possible that I’m leaning toward Team Derek…*sighs heavily* Love triangles are so stressful.

  30. Of course, Abingdon, Virginia is a rural town in southwest Virginia with a population of 8,000 people. So yeah, I’m sure it’s ‘inner city’. (Or did you mean to say something else in lieu of ‘inner city’ to describe what you imagined these kids to be?)

  31. a515617aje rajouterai une analyse personnelle: L’immigration c’est un problème de riche (ce que nous ne sommes plus), cf le post d’olivier sur la traversée… dans l’autre sens. La polituque comme tout c’est une question de priorité 34745

  32. akhbar milik mereka x hairan pun,,,,edjust ikut suka hati je… PRU nanti tahu lah akbar belot rakyat ni… buat alas kaki dalam keta je layaknya

  33. Um he probably won’t get it for awhile, but he’ll grow and learn to know it will happen and soon he’ll realize that it’s not as fun as it once was. Um yeah I would have ran screaming the from house at that spider. Uh we always went out but mostly it was places I didn’t really want to go and then he’d get upset because I wasn’t as into it as him and yeah..just a chain in our vicous cycle. Won’t all the smoke at the club bother you?

  34. ask why the birth certificates look so different, how about the fact that one is a copy of a 1950 and one is a 1961 birth certificate. My 1980 PA birth certificate is different than my sister's 1978 PA Birth Certificate. My parents 1945 and 1949 Ohio Birth certificates are different.But honestly even if Mr. Davis was really Obama's father, Davis was born in Kanas, just like Obama's mother which would eliminate the whole natural born citizen complaint.

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  42. Hola gaby! espero que la hayas pasado de lo mas lindo el dia de tu cumple , mi mas sinceras felicitaciones aunque un poco atrasado pero bueno! la intencion es lo que vale muchos saluditos y besitos Bye cuidate!

  43. oldsalt79 – I remember one theory why the original birth certificate will not be shown was because the mother determines the race meaning Obama would be listed as Caucasian. Anyone have any ideas as to checking this out?

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  48. , I also direct worship for my church and one of the things I have always found hugely convicting is holistic worship. Worship is NOT JUST song and dance. Unfortunately worship pastors in this generation have all but reduced it to that. Worship is really about becoming obedient with our bodies, minds and hearts in response to a Triune God (Romans 12). Your testimony strengthens me because you are doing exactly what a worship leader should be doing: showing people how to worship Jesus Christ with everything you are, for all He is, and for what He did for us on the cross…KPVA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 21 votes) 155

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  51. Firehand,Don't worry, if the leftist historians (ever met a conservative academic historian?)can't paper over the Obarmensch's mistakes, they'll dis-own him and blame it all on a conservative conspiracy.I'd better not say much more or I'll disappear, courtesy of the anti freedom, sorry I meant anti terrorist laws…K

  52. pourrais quand même rajouter que même si elle m’avait fait un gros effet , son bagage est un peu lourd et je n’aurais pas eu le goût d’embarquer la dedans !!

  53. Wacalaykum assalaam waraxmatullaahi wabarakaatuh,Soo’da si-fiican u-raac, yaanyada iyo basasha haku badin. Haddaad ku-badiso wuu kaa jilcayaa. Makiinada waxaa fiican nooca “food processor-ka” inaad isticmaashid. “Blender” haddaad isticmaalaysid waxay noqonaysaa inaad biyo yar ku-dartid, haddii kale mashiidi karo. Mahadsanid.

  54. Debbie Shreesha, go to your friends list and hover over their picture till drop-down pops up – hover over the ‘friends’ button and then ‘all lists’ – tick the ‘restricted’ option – they will then only see posts and photographs you make ‘public’ – hope that helps

  55. nu te contrazic ca Piedone face combinatii si isi trage si el bani de la buget (ca nu stiu) dar te asigur ca sunt alti locuitori din Bucuresti sau din alte localitati care s-ar pupa in pula ca sa aiba un primar ca asta. Chiar daca lucrurile pe care le face el nu sunt cu impact pozitiv pe termen lung, macar sunt…

  56. Hi Brazentide,It’s worth noting that when a religion is treated by the media with anything other than deferential diffidence it is regarded as “abuse”, but when any other opinion or cultural convention receives such treatment it is mere “discourse”, “criticism” or “satire”.It seems to me that there is no justification whatsoever for this double standard.

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