Agazi Alumni Historic Documents

Thanks to Ato G.Mariam Kiros, one of the first ASAA officials in Ethiopia at the time the Association was officially recognized by the government, we have a copy of the letter of legal recognition in 1964 E.C. The scanned image of the letter from Ras Mengesha Seyoum (then Governor General of Tigrai) to Ato Seyoum Yakob (then Governor of Agame Awraja) is shown below.

Please note how soon Ato Seyoum Yakob wrote his letter (Tahsas 27, 1964) notifying ASAA about the authorization from Ras Seyoum (Tahsas 24). For those of us who used to hear how hard Ato Seyoum Yakob worked for ASAA’s official recognition, this may be an indirect proof how happy he was to get that letter and pass it immediately to the ASAA office.




Historic document about Agazi School Alumni Addis Ababa


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