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Agazi is the name of a school located in Adigrat, Tigray, Ethiopia. Agazi School has been more of a need for support from Alumni and friends. The number of students joining the school has increased in the past few years and the school budget per student has dwindled and the cost of running the school has substantially increased. Nevertheless, students and teachers of the school are defying the difficult conditions they face and carry on their daily school works. They need our support to facilitate their education, and to overcome their challenging circumstances.

Agazi Alumni Association, is a membership association of former students of  the Agazi Elementary school and Comprehensive High School in Adigrat, Tigray-Ethiopia. It was founded, informally in 1963 by few concerned ex-students of the schools and became legally operational in 1964 Eth. C in accordance with the Ethiopian civil code, article 404.

The Association at its initial stage was operating with the limited objective of providing material and financial support for meeting some of the material constraints faced by  Aga’azi School, such as teaching aids, reference and text books, library shelves, class room desks, tables and chairs etc. The activities  of the Association, however, extended beyond its primary objectives to various community development activities, such as participating in literacy campaign, water and sanitation works. As a result, the Association, could galvanize the support of a growing number of new members residing in different parts of  Ethiopia and abroad, who were committing their resources and knowledge for improving the standard of the school, by furnishing the school’s class rooms with desks, chairs and tables and the school library with books and shelves. Available sources also indicate that, apart from these efforts, founding members and supporters of the Association had participated in literacy campaign through which up to 20,000 people were believed to have benefited.

With the coming to power of the Derg regime in 1974 and the subsequent political changes, however,  the founding members and supporters of Agazi Alumni could not push their development agenda forward and their movement was stopped until year …….  , as the core leaders, members and supporters became victims of  Mengistu’s unjust detention, intimidations and killings. In spite of these challenges, these good intentions still remained in the minds of their followers and were being perused in different ways until the oppressive Derg Regime came to an end.

The advent of EPRDF and the new political life in the country provided members of Agazi Alumni with the opportunity to pursue the development agendas of their predecessors  freely and the Association came to life again in year in 1993 E.C when it was dully re-registered by the Tigray Regional Bureau of Justice as a local NGO with development goals and missions similar to the earlier one. Of course, this is a great achievement of the second generation founding members and supporters of the Association, yet, it still lacks proper coordination and organizational structure with clearly defined bylaw. Due to these core reasons, it has been led by volunteers, who devote some of their time and energy to take care of office management at the head quarter in Adigrat and administering the occasional material assistances that come from various sources in the name of Agazi School. Thus its activities became more of a spontaneous nature thereby limiting the much advanced role that it could play.


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